I took a basic photography class my Sophomore year of high school. It was all 35mm film-based. I had to shoot my film, develop the negatives, and use a dark to create and develop my prints. I really learned a lot. That was almost a decade ago, however. Recently, I wanted to try again. So, I picked up an old Canon A-1 off eBay with some Kodak Gold 200 film. To warm up again, I walked around grounds and the surrounding area and took pictures of anything I found interesting. Below are the ones that I felt turned out the best.

University of Virginia Rotunda I really liked the angle of this shot. It hides the people and provides a peaceful scene.

West complex in a May afternoon I loved the way the color of the brick turned out on the West Complex. Also, I am not sure where that lady is running.

Frys Spring Station The way I was able to capture the green hills in the back with the rough-looking scenery of Frys Spring Station looked cool to me.

Stairwell foliage I just liked the exposure of this one. Also, the quality of the scan is really nice.

Stream on the Rivanna Trail This is on the Rivanna Trail near the end of Sunset Ave.

Jefferson Park Avenue More JPA! The colors really turned out so well.